Australia’s largest over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency and precious metals bullion dealer

Ainslie Wealth is Australia’s largest over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency and precious metals bullion dealer. Established in 1974, Ainslie has earned a reputation for secure, competitive, and honest dealings. You can buy and sell crypto simply and directly with high-value lock & pay transactions.

Ainslie provide SMSF-compliant transactions, storage accounts, and fast cash settlements upon sale. All purchases include the option of an Ainslie Crypto Wallet; a paper wallet and USB backup produced completely offline (in store). Alternatively, you may simply provide them your existing wallet address or buy either a Ledger Nano or TREZOR off them.

With Ainslie, you can buy cryptocurrency in store using cash or precious metals bullion. Payments can also be made online, over the phone, or via bank transfer. Likewise, you can seamlessly buy bullion with crypto and either pick it up, have it sent to Reserve Vault, or request insured delivery at the cheapest delivery rates in the industry.

Ainslie Wealth are also the creators of the Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens; ERC-20 stablecoins that are fully backed by gold and silver bullion, respectively. These tokens are already secured in Reserve Vault, BDO-verified, and underwritten by the world’s leading insurer. AUS and AGS are not securities allowing unrestricted trade.

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