New to Cryptocurrency: Beginners Training Course

Crypto Connect provides an easier and safer cryptocurrency experience through a range of tailored cryptocurrency educational training, technical assistance and support.

Through this private one-on-one cryptocurrency beginners training course provided both in person and online, you can be confident that you will learn:

    • To use safe cryptocurrency exchanges and you know how to buy, sell, trade and swap cryptocurrency.
    • How to manage and grow your own cryptocurrency portfolio safely and securely.
    • Transfer Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens between any cryptocurrency exchange and offline cryptocurrency wallet.
    • Transfer Bitcoin and altcoins between any cryptocurrency exchange and offline cryptocurrency wallet.
    • The technology behind a cryptocurrency you are investing in.
    • Protect your cryptocurrency assets.
    • Stake rewards on your offline cryptocurrency wallet.
    • Manage and exchange cryptocurrency on a mobile wallet.
    • How to purchase products and services and pay bills with your own cryptocurrency.
    • How to use your offline hardware wallet (Ledger Nano or Trezor) so your cryptocurrency are stored on cold storage that you control.
    • How to manage and track your own cryptocurrency portfolio.
    • Understand the cryptocurrency market fundamentals.
    • Introduction to cryptocurrency technical analysis.

New To Cryptocurrency: Beginner Training course – 4 hour Private One-On-One course

Course Fee: $600 includes GST 

Please be advised you will need to purchase a Ledger Nano X or a Trezor before starting this course.

Purchase Ledger Nano X

Purchase Trezor

You can also purchase through an Australian Reseller – Hardware Wallets Australia.

This 4 hour private one-on-one training course can be split into 2 sessions of 2 hours per session.

Once you purchase your New To Cryptocurrency: Beginner Training Course, one of our team members will phone you and book in a date and time that suits you for your course.